Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap

I know, I know that we are 3 days in to 2011, but trust me this blog is not the only thing I'm slacking on. I still have Christmas presents to mail out (sorry Mandy) and thank yous to write. So, I'm thinking 3 days late isn't too shabby. Here's a look at 2010:
We found our favorite beach up in north Okinawa.

We went waterfall hiking with the Dokmos.

I practiced yoga with Rana.

My best friend Mary came to visit! She loves having her picture taken.

Tiffany and I ran the Nago Half.

Oscar tried to go TDY with Chris.

I took kids from the Youth Center hiking at Hiji Falls. They look thrilled to be unplugged, don't they?

I went to the bull fights with another friend Mary.

The highlight of my year! I found WOOT and rediscovered my love for running!
Chris participated in Mustache March while TDY to Korea.
The Brasingtons come to Japan!

I made my first braided bread.

Rana runs trails for the first time!

Tiffany invites me to her school to see sumo wrestlers.

Rana becomes a working dog - that pack is full of shells and sea glass.

We spy the elusive flying squid.

I run a 5K with my Youth Center Running Club.

I finally get a picture of the goat guy on my birthday! Those goats are totally unleashed!

My sweet husband sends birthday flowers to my work since he is TDY again.

Bri and Tiffany go on the hottest birthday run ever! Seriously, it was SO hot! As we finished the run we came across this license plate with my birthday.
I go to California to see family for the first time since 2005!
While there I make my mom run a 25K trail race with me on Angel Island.

7 WOOT women go to Mongolia to conquer the trails!

Chris and I play a dodgeball tournament with his squadron.

Chris takes a sailing class to the Keramas Islands.
We Roman up and head to a toga party.

I head to Florida to see family and surprise my dad for his 70th birthday.
I also get to see the awesome Arrington family.
I then head up to Chicago to visit Tiffany. We ate gourmet cupcakes, took a bike tour of the city, and ran a night time 10K trail race followed by a 25K trail race the next morning!

I completed Izena Triathlon - 2K swim, 66K bike, 20K run.

I started my new job at Youth Sports.
Rana celebrated Halloween.
We continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Okinawa.

I get to go to Tokyo for a Boys and Girls Club conference for work. I was pretty excited about the pumpkin pie ice cream.

Chris flies to the Maldives.
But makes it home in time to support me at the Naha Marathon.

We clean up nice for the 17th SOS squadron party.
We had a great, busy year in what is scheduled to be our last full year here in Okinawa. We'll keep you posted on where we're going once the Air Force fills us in. Have a great 2011!