Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Morning

You have to love Sunday mornings. Just a little peace and quiet. shhhh... quiet time. I'm still gimping around waiting for my left knee to heal up from the disney marathon. Every since i finished, it's been a little sore. I'm pretty sure it's tendonitis, which means the only thing i can do to make it heal is nothing. Just wait. I think I'm almost there. Now I just have to get into shape to run a 3:30:00 marathon before 22 April. Piece of cake.

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Tyler Tuszynski said...

Sundays have lost all their previous enjoyment for me ... I usually have a shit ton of reading or writing to do on Sunday. Saturdays are my 'off' day, but I usually have to do stuff that has been ignored during the week. WOE IS ME ... WOE I SAY!