Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A big trip, and the First Annual Robe Run

What a great time. I just got back from a great trip with work. Morrocco was awesome. I recommend it as a place to visit. The capital of Marrakesh offers some pretty interesting sites. It's a fairly western muslim country and the people were quite friendly. Mostly because they want your money. Morrocco is pretty popular with the French during this time of year because of the crappy weather in Europe and the beautiful sunshine in Africa. We all came back with a lot more sun, and in better moods. It's amazing how much you miss sunshine when you live somewhere like England where it's so dark and cold for so long. I don't know how the Scandinavians do it. I took some pretty good pictures I will have to post on Picasaweb for you all. While we were there, a good friend of mine Danny and I went downtown to haggle with the locals over the same third world junk. After a while of this we decided to buy some local clothing in the form of the a Berber robe. Think Jedi style. We wore them everywhere, and the locals ate them up. Most just made fun, but we made people smile, and that's what is important. Most of the locals assumed we were from England. I guess it's hard for them to hear the accent when they speak Arabic, French, Spanish and a little English. Oh well, we didn't rain on thier parade. We just let them think we were brits. Very shortly after we thought of buying the robes we decided that they were most definitley "running robes". We even asked the salesman that we were haggling with if we could run in them. He assured us they were made for just that purpose and even gave us a quick demonstration. How could we say no? The next day Danny and I dressed to impress with robes, running shoes and sunglasses. Out the elevator we came, and with straight faces ran through the lobby of the hotel, around the pool and right through the other lobby (big hotel) and into the town of Marrakesh. We ran about a mile and a half. Some parts with the hoods up, and the 1st annual Robe Run was born. The French folks didn't know what to think, and the pool man who handed out towels smiled at us everytime he saw us there after. I'd say we left an impression on the place. Good times.

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