Monday, April 23, 2007

London Marathon, Amy's Parents, and Grad School

Yesterday I completed the 27th annual (Flora) London Marathon. I hold steady to my assessment, that a marathon is about 6.22 miles too long. For those of you that don't know. A marathon is 26.22 miles long. In both of the marathons I have completed I had pretty much work all of the fun out of the race by mile 20. Everything after that becomes a gutsy groaning shuffle that no one should have to witness. I guess I'm just not built for the marathon. The jury is still out as to weather or not I will be completing another one. I see a bright future in half marathons. I finished in a (not so) blazing 3:53:55. Not exactly light speed, but i was happy to have finished it. As of right now I can hardly walk mainly due to my left foot. I guess it wasn't used to running on the pavement for that long. I did most of my long runs on trails. Anyway, the crowd was great. The people of London were all about cheering for everyone. Good times.
Amy's parents dropped in recently for a taste of Europe. Somehow they managed to cram 2 weeks worth of fantastic weather into their suitcases and bring it with them. I can't remember the last time we went so long without a cloudy, rainy day. They got to go over to Germany and stay with the Kabateks and then took a road trip from there through Luxembourg to northern France. Pretty busy trip. They leave tomorrow and i think they have gotten to see and do everything that they wanted. Amy as usual is an excellent host. If you want to come visit, drop us a line. We have two guest rooms (one double bed and one single) so bring a friend.
I am officially a grad student now for all of you who haven't heard. I decided to quit beating around the bush and go ahead and register for classes at American Military University (AMU). It's a totally online school whose professors are mostly retired military and they are supposed to be very flexible and understanding when it comes to deployments and things of that nature. you can check it out here. Classes start the 7th of May so I'll let you all know how they are. It should take about 3 years to become a "Master" of Military History with a focus on WWII. More later as things happen.

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