Thursday, August 2, 2007

Future Plans

Well, the English summer is over. It was yesterday. We all revelled in it and sunburned our white pasty bodies. Good times. I will be missing most of the winter thankfully. Around the 20th of August i will be heading out to Arkansas for Aircraft Commander upgrade at Little Rock AFB. I'm looking forward to going back. Amy and I really enjoyed the time we spent there. I've already contacted some old friends from the ultimate frisbee team we played on there. They've already reserved a spot on the team for me. After Little Rock I should be heading out to Kirtland for the rest of my training. I'm not sure how long all of these schools will take, but it wouldn't surprise me with Christmas being in there if it took 6 months or more. We're making plans for Amy to come out and stay for part of it, but the dates are always in flux which makes it hard to plan anything definite.
After I get back we are planning to travel as much as we can before we leave to return to the states. I talked with the boss and it looks like i have a pretty good chance of going back to Eglin AFB after this assignment. It will be nice to be back in some warm weather and sunshine.
All is well here, and Amy and I are doing great. Best wishes.
--Chris and Amy

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