Friday, November 14, 2008

Konnichi wa Oscar!

Well, with the help of Sandy and Karna, Oscar has made the journey from England to Japan! Our little family is now complete. You would not believe the paperwork that goes into transporting a cat - and it was supposedly easy since it was from a rabies free to rabies free country! He was originally supposed to fly out last week, but with a mix up in paperwork he was delayed by a week. Because of these delays and new paperwork, Oscar's quick check up by the vet turned into 4 vet trips (thank you Sandy and Karna!). Sandy also took a day off work and Karna used her Veteran's Day holiday to drive Oscar to the airport and get him started on his trip. We figure with the time it took Sandy to get to the airport, the flights and layovers, me taking him to the base vet to check him in, and then driving home the poor cat was in the crate for about 44 hours! You can bet by the time he got out he was ready for some love - maybe we should lock him in a box more often!

We gave him a few hours to adjust and then introduced him to his new little sister, Rana. That meeting did not go so well. Oscar just wants to be left alone and Rana just wants to play - it was a bad combination. Rana definitely took the brunt of the encounter and came away with a bloody ear and a busted blood vessel in her eye! Even with all that she refuses to leave Oscar alone - maybe she's not as smart as we thought. We did take some video of their first meeting, but Chris took the camera with him so we'll have to upload it later. Poor Rana's tail is going a million miles a minute the whole time - please, please be my friend, she says! She is so sweet. I think in a week or so Oscar will at least tolerate her without drawing blood - keep your fingers crossed! So, a BIG domo arigato to Sandy and Karna!


Mandy said...

Hello Oscar, It's lovely to see you. You seem much smaller than I remember. Please be nice to your new sister. She just wants to be your friend. It must have been nice to see your Mummy and Daddy again. I hope to see you again soon. Love from your girlfriends in England. xxx

m.e.bertsch said...

YAY! I'm so happy to hear that Oscar has been reunited with the rest of the family. Hopefully he and Rana will soon become the best of buds.

Sandy said...

Awww...Oscar is just so cute. I miss the little guy. My house is just not the same without him. I'm wishing he was still here with me in England and not all the way over there in Japan. But I'm already looking forward to seeing him again this summer. And who knows, maybe I'll steal him and bring him back to England with me at that time ;)