Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, since Chris is away and we're waiting on our cat, Oscar, to make it here from England, I thought I'd show off our newest baby, Rana. I know there have already been pictures of her, but this blog will be completely dedicated to her.

As far as we know Rana is 6 months old. We told ourselves we were going to get an adult mutt on the small side of medium with short fur. The only requirement we met was the short fur part. She's definitely a puppy, with the size of her feet it appears that she'll be pretty big, and the older she gets the more people think she could be a pure German Short Hair Pointer. I loved her picture when I saw it on the adoption site, but tried to avoid looking because she was a puppy. Then Chris saw the picture and said, "Her tail's a blur she's wagging it so fast. We've got to get that dog." So as soon as we landed in Japan we emailed Rana's foster mom and set up a meeting. We were done after that. She was too cute to pass up and we fell in love with her immediately.

After 2 months we are still convinced we made the right choice. Rana is precious, sweet, and smart. She doesn't have very good dog etiquette yet - she wants to jump and play on any dog she meets instead of doing the polite thing and sniffing and getting sniffed - but I'm sure we'll be able to train some manners into her. She learned sit, paw, and waiting for her food very quickly. Plus, she hasn't had an accident in a long time (knock on wood).

I'm attaching some videos so you can see just how cute she is. Make sure you have your speakers turned on for the narration, but please ignore the cutesy baby voice I use in some of them - Rana brings out the sap in me.

This first video is Rana meeting her new squeaky duck:

This next one shows how smart Rana is. She could do this dinner trick within her first 2 weeks with us.

This last clip shows off Rana's tricks, kind of...

Check out the Pictures of Our Travels folder in the next few days for some Rana still shots.


Kristina Patten said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Rana is so precious. I was laughing with tears in my eyes watching the video with the duck. She is absolutely the cutest dog I've ever seen. Aren't animal babies, so much cuter than human babies? :-)

Mandy said...

You so needed a dog. I am glad you have her at last. Maybe you can go on a run and not stop to stroke anything that looks canine on the route.