Saturday, January 24, 2009

Video Update of the Kids

Make sure you have the volume up for this video. I say it in the video and let me say it again here: THANKS A LOT JESSICA!

People are always saying to us, "Well certainly Rana and Oscar are getting along by now; it's been months". So, here's a little progress report:


Kristina Patten said...

It is the Newnan's lake 15K. I wish I could find a map of the route, but I am excited none the less. Thanks for the encouragement. I've actually inspired two of my other friends to start running - Kim and my other friend Amy, who lives in Daytona. She ran in her first 5K this past weekend too.

Sandy said...

I absolutely LOVE the video of Oscar and Rana "playing" together. I was laughing out loud watching it. Oscar is one tough cookie. I'm just glad it's Rana he's going after and not me, haha. Oh sweet kitty, I miss him! Can't wait to see him in July though :)

Anonymous said...

OMG that was sooo funny!!! I love watching oscar and Rana antagonize e/o but I have to say the chicken made me laugh so hard :-) HA!!!! You're sooo welcome. I may just buy another one in case she loses that one or tears the squeak out of it....heeheeheee