Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lunch, lunch, lunch

Alrighty, so I have a couple lunches to write about. Last week I met Hannah (from the Newcomer's Tour) at Coffee Casa in the Seawall area. I've been there before, but I love the atmosphere and didn't mind going again. I got the 'Elvis', a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich. It was good, but not great. It definitely needed more peanut butter.
Today I went out with the Lunch Ladies to the 50s Cafe. I got a burger and it was pretty good. The bun was nice and toasted. There were lots of old movie posters and American 50s memorabilia on the walls. I had been hoping that they'd have onion rings or homemade shakes, but the burger was good enough that I'd take Chris back there.
After lunch we went to Starbuck's for a little more talk time. I'm really liking the Lunch Ladies group. It's a nice group with lots of funny ladies!


Jessica Simmons said...

We're really enjoying you too! :o) I LOVE Coffee Casa! Mmmmm. See you next week!

Charity said...

I was hoping to have a milkshake, too! But I was ok with coffee instead.

Mandy said...

Wish I could join your lunch group. It sounds like fun. I will be there in spirit. You could always have a dessert for me!!!

Liza said...

And we like you too!