Friday, March 13, 2009

Working 9 to 5

Ok, not really. It's only 2-6, but hey! It's something! So, Monday I started working at the Youth Center on base. I know this sounds bad (like maybe I started with the wrong attitude), but I like it more than I thought. I went in not really knowing what to expect, but by the end of the week I found that I like my co-workers and the kids are actually pretty good. I thought 9-12 year olds might be a little rougher, but besides "crap" I haven't heard any profanity which I was pretty relieved about since my 8 year old nephew recently asked my sister, Monica, "Mom, what is f***?" Apparently he learned it from the coach's kid on his Christian basketball team. You gotta watch out for these church-goers! Anyway, back to the subject of the job. It's a little more babysitting than I thought, but in the next few weeks I'll be taking over some programs and getting to create and present lessons. I think I'll be doing Art, an Environmental Education club, and a monthly program for home-schoolers. At the Youth Center there's a huge rec room with foosball, ping pong, pool, video games, a craft corner, and rooms for homework and different club meetings. I'll keep you posted, but so far so good!


Mandy said...

The job sounds good. I had wondered how it was going. I knew you'd be great though. They didn't know what a treasure they had found when you applied.

Amy Hart said...

It sounds like your job is going to work out wonderfully for you. I'm excited to learn that you get to expose the kids to your science background. I think it is so important to encourage kids to get interested in science at a young age--particularly WOMEN in science! (I was a bio-chem major!)