Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I know this will come as a shock, but Chris was actually home for a long weekend! Crazy, but true. Since we were together we started the weekend off right by having a date night on Friday. I'll give you readers fair warning that the first part of this blog is just a showcase of how friggin' cute we are while the last part will showcase how lucky we are to live on a paradise island. If you're not in the mood for cuteness or mild gloating, stop reading now!

For our date night we decided to try a restaurant that we had heard good things about. It's a seafood restaurant with a Hawaiian theme called Sam's by the Sea. The food was delicious!
We started with drinks. Chris was sans alcohol while mine had the fun mixed in and came served in a shisa dog.
We got free shrimp cocktails and they came out in these cool glasses with dry ice for a smoking effect.
All meals come with fantastic curry soup and an assortment of homemade breads.
I got the macadamia encrusted mahi mahi with basil fettuccine, vegetables, a sweet coconut sauce, and ube. Chris got a garlic tenderloin. Those aren't cornflakes on top, but garlic chips. Both meals were delicious.
We were stuffed so we decided to take home the mile high coconut pie. The filling was a little dense, but the homemade crust was flaky and delicious!
On Saturday we had dinner at our friend Brandon's house, stopped by a party, and then continued on to a second party. I know, we were surprisingly the social butterflies. Sorry I don't have pictures. The second party was a birthday celebration for our friend JD. His wife and her friends our Filipino and when the "bamboo network" (their words, not mine) get together you know there's going to be some good food. I'm hoping they're willing to share some recipes.
Sunday was a fantastic lazy day of watching a LOT of college football. Unfortunately, the Gator game wasn't broadcast but we did listen to good ol' Mick Hubert on the radio. After lounging around we went to dinner with Patti and Dennis at Curcuma.
A fantastic, eclectic place way out on the southeast side of the island. It has a great mix of Asian foods. I got Thai and Chris got Indian. It was ridiculous portion sizes and all delicious. After dinner we got a little crazy with the Awamori (sake):
Just kidding - I was just playing around in the gift shop. This place also had incredible views, gardens to explore, and a small museum.
Monday we kept thinking that Chris was going to get called in to work so we didn't plan much, but in the afternoon we loaded up the dog and headed for the beach.
This adorable face is why Rana gets away with things, but we're putting an end to that and have a trainer coming Wednesday. She's not bad, just gets crazy around other dogs. She would play 24/7 if she had the opportunity.
Here are some of our beach treasures:
On our way home from the beach we stopped at the port to pick up some fresh tuna. Rana was very concerned to see her dad walk away from the van.
The fresh tuna was delicious. We took our inspiration from Sam's and encrusted it with macadamia nuts, parmesan, and spices! It might have been better than the restaurant's!
That about wraps things up. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys finally got a weekend together. I won't feel so bad about showing up on your doorstep for 3 weeks.
- Marybrown

Liza said...

What a fun weekend!

And we still need to meet Chris! He sounds like such a great guy when you talk about him, now we just need to meet him!

Unknown said...

That coconut pie stuff looked delicious. I bet you enjoyed every minute of the time you and Chris spent together. You look so good together. It is so nice that two people can be like you two are. You are very lucky to have found each other.

Tyler Tuszynski said...

I miss you guys!

This looked like a fun weekend. :)

Triple Threat Ladies said...

That coconut pie is crazy! You are officially invited to come to Richmond and fix me some of that fish because it looks amazing!