Thursday, September 17, 2009

When the cat is away...

As most of you know, Chris is gone yet again. This year might be the one where he has spent the least amount of time at home. It's starting to get old. I like having a partner. Plus, when he goes away I get bored and go shopping. Those who know me know that I am not really a shopper. My mom had to drag me to the mall and once there I would find a chair to sit in until she and Monica were ready to leave. Add that to the fact that I can be quite frugal and me and shopping sprees don't usually mesh. I don't know what it is about Chris being gone, but it makes me want to spend money. Maybe it's some subconscious payback for him leaving. I know he has no choice and consciously I'm not mad at him, but who knows what goes on in the deep recesses of this brain. Crazy runs in the family.
So, you're asking, what did I buy? Well, I went to the BX to get a pair of running shoes and a book to take with me on my trip to Yokota. Here's what I came home with:
That's right, 2 pairs of running shoes, 2 books, and a magazine. Oops. AND the shoes weren't even on sale! I just heard my mom gasp. Let me reassure you though mom, they were still a good deal. Some of you are thinking "So what? That doesn't seem like a lot." Well, what it doesn't show are my online purchases of bathing suits, bike shorts, bike jerseys , and some stuff from my nephew Dylan for a fundraiser. I swear they are all necessities.
The rest of this blog will be a little random. Earlier this week I tried dragon fruit for the first time.
It was really good - a little like kiwi, but the flavor wasn't as strong. It also comes in a version where the fruit is as bright pink as the peel. My English student, Takako, seemed very apologetic that she was only giving me a white one, but I thought it was delicious.
Those of you on Facebook recently saw this picture of Rana:
Well, Oscar believes that turnabout is fair play:
He loves sleeping in Rana's bed, but doesn't like getting caught doing it.
Not only does Rana like the cat bed, but she loves sleeping under our bed.
Here are some fantastically cute pictures of Rana in a bandana her Aunt Monica sent her:
I love that little, spotted face!
These last couple shots are from Chris' deployment earlier this year. I can't remember if I've already posted them (and I'm too lazy to search through old posts), but I came across them and they really made me laugh.
They don't even look like Chris. In the group photo, Chris is the one on the left with the bullet-proof vest on.
I'm heading to Yokota (the Air Base on mainland) next week for some 4-H training for work. Hopefully, I'll get some good stuff to post about. Have a great weekend and GO GATORS!


eatingtolivelovelaughtri said...

Yep...Go Gators! : )

Mandy said...

Loved this post. Nice running shoes. Great to see Oscar. He is looking as handsome as ever. How long is Chris gone for this time.

Tyler Tuszynski said...

The Chris 'stache pics are epic. I can't quit laughing.

Chelsea said...

You are dedicated to get up that early to watch the game. Hopefully it will be a good one!

Anonymous said...

Geesh Amy sounds like Chris is gone as often this duty station as Nathan was in England. He just might beat Nathan's record of "on the road 287 days in one year"

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention there is nothing wrong with a little "retail therapy" while the guys are gone.

Mary and Sean said...

I'm the sort of the same about shopping- I alternate between hating it and feeling bored and then buying everything in sight... your purchases were well within the realm of decency though. Come on, running shoes! You'll use those