Friday, October 16, 2009

Playing Host in Okinawa

So, the evening after the aquarium there was some pretty good wind and rain as the typhoon passed Okinawa a couple hundred miles to the east, but the following couple days provided the best weather we had their whole visit. The next day Chris took his mom and Sharon flying. He recently updated his private pilot's license just so he could show off the beauty of Okinawa from the air to our guests. I didn't have to work and was invited along, but being the kind of person that can get sick on a back porch swing I passed. I will go with Chris sometime this fall when the air is cooler and the bumpy air of a leftover typhoon isn't a possibility, but you can bet you're bottom dollar that I'll be carrying some sick bags with me. Their pictures make the flight look beautiful and they said it was pretty smooth sailing. Check out these shots:
Snoopy and the Red Barron
Aerial views:
Those shots are a good reminder that we really do live in paradise.
Chris let Sharon take the wheel for a minute, but she gave it back quickly.
After the flight they came home and the four of us (and Rana) all went to the beach for some seashell collecting. Here are the crazy ladies on the way to the beach listening to Lady GaGa for the first time:
It was a gorgeous day, but the water was a little too rough for snorkeling. We dipped in a little, but didn't go too deep.
That's one speedy dog!
We went at the perfect time of day. The tide was out so we could just walk and walk. The beaches here have some sand, but a lot is a solid coral/limestone mix. It can be pretty rough on the feet so get some water shoes when you book your trip!
I am not even joking when I say I think Sharon filled that entire bag with shells and washed up coral! She was like me with sea glass.

The more I write the more I think I waited to long to do this update because I think things are getting out of order. But never fear, you will still get the gist of all the things we did.

One of the days I worked Chris took Sheron, Sharon, and Rana to the botanical garden. Sharon is really into plants so it was a great way to spend the morning. Here are some of their pictures:
Okinawa is having a Cow Parade just like the states did back in the late '90s and like Gainesville's Gator Parade in 2002-2003.
I'm not sure how they got Rana into this ox cart!

Rana makes a friend!

Beautiful water lily.
Feeding the carp.
For more botanical garden pictures you can check out my old blog here.
A few of the days they were here were pretty rainy so we would just relax or take them souvenir shopping, but we tried to fill their stay with as much fun as we could think of.

One night we went to Four Seasons Steak House with some of Chris' friends. This restaurant is like the Japanese places back home where they cook at your table. The food was good and we ate way too much!
The big pile in the back corner is all garlic! Yummy!
Chris continues to help with chopsticks. The following day at the food court Sheron and Sharon made sure they put a few extra plastic forks in their purses.
Like I said, it was a LOT of food!
Getting fancy with the salt and pepper shakers!
The chef's view of us.
Well, it's a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and Chris and I are headed out to enjoy it. More updates are coming!


Unknown said...

You two would make very good tour guides. The aerial views from the plane are great.

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait. I need to see pictures of Pineapple Land and Okinawa World. Looking forward to your updates.

Liza said...

I've been wanting to do an aerial tour of Okinawa! Looked like fun!

Mary and Sean said...

the plane ride looks nice, but I'm with you about being a little squeamish.
we did a small plane ride like that in Hawaii and my nerves were shot at the end!

Courtney said...

That pile of garlic is my favorite part!!! :>

Adventures in Tri-ing

Triple Threat Ladies said...

You guys always look like you are having so much fun and going on the most amazing adventures! Your life makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

Well... that's amazing but frankly i have a hard time visualizing it... I'm wondering what others have to say....