Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Have a Great Birthday Without Your Hubby

I know some military spouses who whine when their husbands are away for occasions. And I have non-military friends that feel bad for me when Chris is away for important days. To the first group I want to say toughen up! For the second group I want to reassure you all that I'm just fine celebrating on my own. For those of you who want to know how to have a great birthday when your husband is 9000 miles away, here are some pointers:
1. Wake up to tons of awesome Facebook birthday wishes!
2. When you return from walking the dog have voicemails from your parents and hubby singing you Happy Birthday!
3. Have awesome friends that will go for a long run with you!
Tiffany took a personal day off work to run with me! I love these ladies!
Plus, I got to pet this cutie:
Today summer came to Okinawa - the humidity was brutal! At the end we joked that "the Galloway Method saved our run!"

5. After the run spot a license plate with A for Amy and your birthday!
6. Hit up Starbucks with your ladies and spend the next couple hours cooling down and chatting. Bonus, one of your running partners gives you a Starbuck's gift card! Woohoo!
7. Go home and shower so you can go to lunch with another awesome lady!
Jessica is adorable and the sushi was delicious!!
8. Go to work and get a gift certificate from your boss.
9. And while at work, pick up the flowers your hubby sent you!
10. Run with your favorite kids' running club.
11. On your drive home spot one of your favorite Okinawan treasures AND finally capture them on camera!

12. Open awesome presents from friends and family.
One of my favorites is definitely a copy of Andrew's journal that he kept while visiting Japan - great memories and fantastic illustrations!
13. Get overly excited about the Baked Cheetos your mom sent you.
14. Eat some leftover angelfood roll cake.
(Yes, that's a match. I didn't have any candles and I don't mind being a little ghetto.)
15. Go to bed early so you can get up at 4:30 to go swim Master's.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what a perfect day.


Liza said...

Glad you had a great birthday!

Liza said...
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Charity said...

Yay for a great birthday!!

Tyler Tuszynski said...

A Fantastic Birthday INDEED!

My birthday needed more Goats - and possibly a lil more hood candles.

Courtney said...

Is that an ipad I spy????????????? If so, dieing of jealousy!!
Love it...happy birthday lady! You really know how to do it up right. Hope you had a great day and have a fantastic year filled with lots of laughter.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome bday. I'll quit worrying about you now. Moni