Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another week, another lunch

The lunch lady group I normally lunch with has taken a short break while the main organizers have friends and family in town. So last week I went out to lunch with Jessi again. We went to a place that is right outside one of the Kadena gates. This means that along with the picture menu you get a few English words thrown in as well. So, this week I was pretty confident that I was going to be eating beef. However, looking at the picture menu I thought I'd be getting a little pasta with it, but was happily surprised when it came out with french fries (don't worry mom - I only ate 8 and put the rest to the side!). I like that on Okinawa you get a set meal. Mine came with rice (of course) and miso soup. Jessi's pork came with rice, soup, a gelatinous, nutty tasting dish that Jessi liked, and some seaweed. Everything was delicious - my beef was really tender and Jessi's pork was breaded in something they call Pankow (spelling?) that is so good. Most people I know who have the Pankow say they'll never go back to regular bread crumbs again.
Rana was jealous of me going out to lunch so decided to make a special meal of her own - chicken soup! Just look at that face - looks like trouble, doesn't it?
Well, I'm off to do the newcomer's tour so I should be posting again soon! Have a great Wednesday!


Charity said...

That places looks great! You and Jessi need to go to Zen. It's too small for LL unless we only had a few people. But it's good food, good price and a fabulous view!

Mandy said...

Dear Amy

Only 8 french fries - you aren't doing an Audrey on me I hope.

Any news on the job yet.

Love Mandy