Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's official...Rana is a BIG dog!

When we first got Rana in September she weighed in at 17 pounds and we were told she would top out at 35-40. We should have known by the size of her monstrous feet that that was a big time underestimate. It wouldn't have mattered if they had said she's going to weigh 100 pounds because we fell in love with her spots instantly. She has now more than tripled in size, weighing in at 52 pounds. Plus, we're guesstimating that she won't be a year until May so she has plenty of growing time left! Despite how big she has gotten she loves to cram herself into the cat bed (luckily Oscar never showed interest in it) even though there are bigger dog beds around the house. When she first gets in she can almost fit, but within minutes she is spilling out. Here are some pics when we first got her, her cat bed, and how big she is now: The first picture is from the day we met her at our billeting room. The second picture is her looking tiny on the billeting room bed. When we first got her, she and her hedgehog could fit in the cat bed.
One month later, in October, she was already starting to spill out:

And by November she was really just laying on top of it:Now, after having her for almost 6 months she's not only too big for the cat bed, but for her kennel as well! Don't call the ASPCA on me though, I'm shopping around for a new one.


Anonymous said...

I love the progression pictures. I looked back at some pictures of Toas & Emma playing when we 1st got Toas. It is amusing how much bigger he is compared to her now.

Mandy said...

Where is Oscar in all of these pictures. Satin and Jess would like to see him, being the handsome toy boy that he is.

Rana certainly has grown since being with you. She obviously has found the best home to live in - sensible dog.