Monday, June 22, 2009

This is just ridiculous!

I've heard some talk show hosts spouting off that eating healthy doesn't cost any more than eating a bunch of junk. With these produce prices I think they are a bunch of liars!
Almost $7 for 3 apples, really?
Guacamole anyone? It will only cost you about 6 bucks.
Or, how about some tangerines? Being from Florida where you used to be able to get citrus cheap, this one really hurts.
I remember when you could get kiwis 4/$1. Now they are $5.17!

The thing that gets me on these is that they are grown in Japan! Even if it's from the mainland, shipping can't be that much!
Before moving here I had heard that you can always get a good mango, but for over $5/pound I can't bring myself to do it. Plus, I'm pretty sure the papaya is grown on-island!

Almost 5 bucks for a melon...
Or over $4 for a tiny "personal" watermelon?

And I'm not sure what makes cantaloupe so expensive, but that one on the right is costing you over $17! You could get 6 bags of chips for that price! I'm not advocating eating junk, but it's no wonder why so many Americans are fat.


Liza said...

HAHA! Great Post! I think I'm going to link your post in mine.

The Pennington's said...

It is CRAZY! I bought fruit for our weekend trip and I got 4 apples for $7.20! and about 10 fresh pineapple rings for over $8!

Anonymous said...

See, if you just moved back to FL, fruit would be cheap again! I've got tangerines, pineapples, peppers, and fresh from the chicken butt eggs in the backyard, all free to you, but you have to move to FL. I feel like it is a win win.