Monday, January 18, 2010

How do you say milk in Japanese?

Apparently not with pictures of mountains and cows.
Recently we ran out of milk. We didn't really run out, but the carton we bought tasted funny. It was still in date, but tasted plasticy. Being the loving wife that I am I didn't want poor Chris to have to go 2 days without cereal for breakfast so I stopped at the Family Mart and picked up this:
Doesn't it look milky? Alpine mountains, happy cows. Looks like milk to me. Chris wasn't so sure:
So he smelled it:
And he tasted it:
Not quite milk. He said it didn't taste bad, but it wasn't good if you were expecting milk.
Here's a little video to add to the humor:


Unknown said...

Did you ever get to grips with what exactly was in the carton. Maybe Japanese cows produce odd looking milk!

Chris and Amy said...

I don't know yet, but my students come tomorrow so I'll ask them and let you know.

Unknown said...

Hahahahahahaha! "no cereal today"