Thursday, January 28, 2010


I recently started teaching an Explore Your World class at the Youth Center. It's a series of classes that cover hiking, wilderness first aid, orienteering, Leave No Trace principals, and basic camping skills. This week's session was going over basic hiking tips and I thought I had found a good worksheet in an old 4-H booklet. Apparently, I didn't realize how old the booklet was.
The worksheet was a list of items the kids could take on a hike and they needed to mark them "essentials", "nice, but not necessary", and "not needed".
Things were going well until about 5 minutes into the worksheet one kids calls out, "What's a walk man?"
After laughing I respond, "Well, a walkman is like an old fashion mp3 or iPod, but with a cassette player." Blank looks were my response so I continued, "Well, a cassette is like an old fashion CD." That garnered some more recognition so I thought we were good to go.
A few moments of silence pass and a different kid says,"Oh wait! I need to change my answer. I thought it was some guy that walked you through the woods. "
Get it? A walk man.
Aren't kids great? It's times like this that make me love working at the Youth Center. It's also times like this that remind me I am getting old.


Tyler Tuszynski said...

Fantastic Story!

Mandy said...

You have to love them. I wonder if they even know what a 45 is.

Courtney said...

No joke...I saw an older woman at my gym walking the track with an old school cassette playing walk man!!!!
I loved my walkman when I was young..the same way I love my ipod now.
But of course we had to walk uphill, barefoot in the snow to get the cassettes for our walkmans back in the olden days. LOL!!
adventures in tri-ing

Mary and Sean said...

Oh the days of the walk man... I knew i was getting old a few years ago when a student told me she liked a band from my "generation" She was talking about Depeche Mode.

What a fun thing you're getting them involved in!

Katie said...

Funny! we still have some walkmans around here somewhere. the other day a friend told a story about her kids seeing a telephone with the dial on it, not only were they unsure what it was, they couldn't figure out how to work it!

Anonymous said...

Who could live without a walkman? Reminds me of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "Like a Virgin" and all the other really cool songs that were popular in the 80's. Monica