Monday, July 27, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

So, my favorite thing in the world is, of course, my wonderful husband. Well, this past Sunday was his birthday and he wasn't home to celebrate. Don't worry, his friends in Albuquerque made sure he had a nice time. However, we didn't want to let the day go by without celebration here on Okinawa so we got things ready for when Chris comes home (which, by the way, will be this Wednesday!). Here are some pictures:

Rana wasn't too sure about the signs.

The sign says it all.

Oscar tried to help celebrate, but Rana had other ideas.

One of my other favorite things is crazy Rana. I know, I know. She's naughty and she's spotty, but I just love that face! On Sunday Rana got a play date with my co-worker Magda's dog Casper. Besides Rana's normal rude behavior of skipping all the intros and sniffing, the play date went really well. Casper is definitely more subdued than Rana, but he's faster than her so he could make a get away.

Our first mistake, was introducing them in the van. Casper did not want to have to get in the back with Rana and I can't say that I blame him:

It got better when we got to the beach and they had room to run:

Here are a few still photos that I thought were too cute to pass up:
Look at that tongue!
Enjoying the ride
Calming down a little after almost 2 hours of romping.
Thank goodness she's not a kisser because that is some big time slobber!
So sleepy after her big beach day. She still tries to wedge herself into the cat bed. She fit when she was a 17 pound puppy, but at 60 pounds it's getting a little tight.
Follow this with the latest Harry Potter movie and it was a pretty darn good Sunday.


Charity said...

The picture of Rana in the cat bed is priceless. Priceless!! But, you could at least get her a pillow for her little head.

Anonymous said...

Chris is so lucky to be so loved (though I might not have put the signs up on your blog b/c now he won't be surprised!). I know that you'll be really glad to have him back. Wish him a Happy Birthday for me. Hopefully, his packages made it there in time. Love, Monica

Mandy said...

I know you will be so happy to have Chris back. Enjoy Wednesday.

Chris and Amy said...

There goes my exquisite interior in the van. I can't believe she still tries to get in that bed. See you Wednesday. Love you.

Anonymous said...

So did the doggie raincoat site not have beds? Poor Rana having to take Oscar's leftovers :)

Chris and Amy said...

I swear she has her own BIG bed that she sleeps in at night, but she loves her little cat bed so I hate to throw it out. Oscar, of course, has never had anything to do with it.

Mary and Sean said...

I love your doggies...and a cat too! hope the homecoming goes smoothly!

thanks for your fuji tip about the pebbles...I'll let you know how the whole odyssey goes since it's coming up for you too!