Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hill-O Saturday!

So, like most of my blogs this one is going to be a random assortment of things I did or saw throughout the week. For the last month or so I've been practicing a couple times a week with the swim team. I am really enjoying myself and if I'm not too old and set in my ways I think Coach Mat will be able to help me with my form.

Ready for the 5am practice.
This week I also got to go out to lunch with Charity on Friday. It has been a while since I could make a lunch because of my work schedule so this was a real treat. We went to a noodle place in American Village where you order your food from a vending machine.
The first step in this process is to look at the picture menu and find something that looks good. This place actually had a menu with some English so it wasn't bad, but sometimes I really do go simply by the picture.
Second, insert money into the machine and make your selection (the pictures on the menu coordinate with the buttons).
Next, you take your ticket and hand it to the waitress. She then brings you your drink and you wait for your food.
Lastly, enjoy your delicious spicy noodles!
Before going in to the noodle place (I'm not writing its name because it was in Japanese and from now on will be referred to simply as that noodle place or that yummy noodle place) Charity and I saw this place:
What is Yogurtland you ask?
Good question. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I was dreaming of frozen yogurt goodness throughout lunch, they didn't actually have their grand opening until the next day! Oh, the agony! I did look them up on the internet though and the company started in L.A. and is all natural, fat-free frozen yogurt. I will definitely be going back!
After lunch I was supposed to go biking with Patti and Dennis, but it started to pouring so we played Settlers - the best board game ever!

Dennis was kind enough to take pictures of us in our matching raincoats. No, I did not realize we'd be twinsies when I purchased Rana's jacket!
Saturday was the day for my Weekend Warriors workout! The instructor, Jeff, is very good at coming up with different locations and different exercises so the workouts are never boring. Today we met back on Foster and got another great workout.
This is Jeff and some of his torture devices.
Here's the workout. Basically, we would do our maximum effort in 2 exercises 2 times and then we'd run a hill repeat (hence the name for this post). We had to do this 6 times. On the first hill I repeat I thought to myself 'I don't know if I'll be able to run all 6 times', but I did and I finished second coming in 5-10 seconds behind some guy.
Here's the hill. The yellow cone was our turn around point. Do you see the yellow cone? No? Me either, it was a long hill!
The workout was great, but the grass on the field was quite long (come on Marines - get it together). This was my view during the ab work and a lot of the warm-up. It really wasn't bad except it led to this:

Nice, red, itchy rash, but it went away when I showered.

Later that day Rana and I went to the beach with Dennis and Patti. They're watching her for me next week when I go to Okuma with work. The way the spoil her she might not want to come home!
We also went to a place Patti and Dennis discovered, the Dog Run and Cafe.

This was a great, quirky place where you can take your dog to play. I'm not sure of all the services they offer because there was very little English spoken, but it was fun and would be even better if more dogs were there.

There was a agility course for the dogs.

And fresh mango juice for the people.

It was a great Friday and Saturday leading into a party Saturday night, but that will have to be another blog because I'm heading out snorkeling with some friends from work. Happy Independence Day everyone!


Charity said...

I made it into your blog! I could really go for some of those yummy noodles right now. :-) And I LOVE that you and Rana have matching rain jackets!

Mandy said...

I really enjoy these long blogs to catch up with what you've been doing. You say that you didn't know you and Rana had matching rain jackets - yeah right. Anyway I think you both looked so cute. You must let me know about the frozen yoghurt. It sounds like it could be a good place to go more than once.

Kristina Patten said...

I had to catch my breath after that blog. What a fun-filled week! You have an amazing amount of energy. Oh yeah, and I love the matching rain jackets. Do you think my cats would go for those?

Mary and Sean said...

cool! I haven't been to one of those ticket machine noodle places yet!