Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is this heaven?

A couple posts ago I wrote about Yogurtland and how I was really looking forward to going only to be disappointed to find out that they hadn't had their grand opening yet. Well, perseverance won out and I made it to Yogurtland this week, twice. I've got 3 words for you - De - Lish - Us! It is fantastic. It's all self serve - you pump your yogurt, choose your toppings, and then weigh and pay. I was slightly embarrassed the first time I went with Charity, Jessica, and her friend Andromeka (sp?). I got to the weigh and pay part and the lady said "just one spoon?". I swear it wasn't that much yogurt. Certainly not enough to make someone believe that I would be sharing it!
So, Choose your size. Your options are huge and OMG! I went with huge.
Pick your flavor - feel free to mix and match. My favorite was vanilla wafers the first time, but the second time I fell in love with the pistachio. I'm hoping the next time they have the peanut butter or double oreo flavors their pamphlet advertises.
Next, choose from toppings galore! They have normal ones like fresh fruit, candy, and crushed cookies, but they also have things like puffed wheat and chocolate covered wheat (which I discovered is not my cup of tea).
Last, weight and pay! It's that easy !
Everybody loves Yogurtland!
Also, this week I had fun volunteering as a timer at an Okinawa Dolphin Swim Team swim meet (sorry no pics). I also taught English.
All of my ladies: Michiko, Chieko, Takako, and Yukiko.
Yesterday Rana had a play date with a puppy that Patti is watching (I'll spare you all the video). Afterwards, Patti and I headed back to American Village:
We had lunch at Freshness Burger. The burger was delicious and it just happens to be next to Yogurtland. Hence the two trips in one week.
I think I'll start using hence more.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Charity said...

Great, Amy. Now I want yogurt again.

Mandy said...

I want to go to Yogurtland. It looks like my kind of place - help yourself. I laughed about the one spoon bit. I think it would be Oreos for me although I haven't had a Nilla wafer in ages. I may just have to get some next time I go to the Commissary but the boxes would be shivering with fear as I wouldn't have just one. I have been known to eat the whole box in one sitting. Once I even had a jar of peanut butter alongside of it. Now everyone will know I am a pig.

Chris and Amy said...

Oh Mandy! I love you! Miss you too!