Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Our holidays started unofficially last Sunday when my co-worker, Mary, invited us to dinner. I really should have taken more pictures around their apartment because it was decorated beautifully, but that would only emphasize how little decorating we did this year. They served us some amazing ribs and after dinner we had hot chocolate. This is how all hot chocolate should be made. It was in a huge mug and topped with marshmallows so the homemade whip cream wouldn't melt before you had a chance to eat it. It was heavenly and perfect for one of the few cool nights we've had on Okinawa.
The next day I started getting a little achy and had a bit of a cough. I actually left work a little early. Tuesday I felt the same and again left work early.
I had the day off Wednesday and while my headache had gone I was starting to cough a little more. Thank goodness for cough drops because one of my English students had given us tickets to see her choir perform in Naha. I knew this was important to her because in our last class she talked about how hard they had been practicing.
They sounded great and with the help of Halls I was able to make it through without disturbing anyone. Michiko was so happy to see me afterwards. She is so sweet. This picture makes me look like a giant next to her, but I am wearing boots. However, even without boots I've got a good couple inches on her with my 5'5" frame (technically 5'4" and change, but I round up so I can weigh more).
After the concert we headed to Coco's Curry for dinner.This place is so delicious. Chris goes all out while I stick with a half order...

because "I can't eat the normal size all".
That night the coughing really caught up with me. Since Wednesday I've been having consistent, violent coughing fits. I feel fine otherwise, but let me tell you constant coughing really takes it out of you.
The following day was Christmas Eve and we both had the day off work. We took the dog on a long walk (I actually feel better in the fresh air) and cooked enough food for an army despite it being only two of us.
Yes, we had a twelve pound ham for two people! You will see more of it later in the blog. We also had corn casserole and sweet rolls. Perhaps not a complete meal, but just what we were wanting.
We also had a couple cookies:
This is a cookie plate we made for friends. We made three and only delivered one. After I got sick I didn't feel like delivering them so now they're in the freezer. Oops.
Alrighty, here are some pics of our limited decorating efforts. We don't have a tree this year. I like real trees and we missed the 3 day window that there were actually any on the island this year while we were on our cruise. Oh well, maybe next year.
This year we used Rana's raised bed for presents:
Rana very gently added her bone to the mix.
The stockings were hung from the windows with care:
I love these simple reindeer.
I also love decorations from Jim Stone.
Most of my favorite decorations are from Cyndie's Minis, the same lady who made our cake topper. All of the decorations are made by hand. If I'm in Gainesville, I'll pick up a new one, but for the most part my mom braves the crowds and picks me a new one to add to the collection.
This year we got giraffes!
I also put up a couple decorations to remind us of England:
While perhaps a little mishmash, I like the overall effect:
Me being sick changed our Christmas plans a little. We wound up cancelling our Christmas and Boxing Day plans. Chris scoured the internet and called a friend of his who is a flight doctor and they both think I have, or will have, bronchitis. So while I'm not totally out of commission, I definitely don't need to be around anybody. Despite cancelling social engagements, Chris and I had a great time just hanging out together. The weather on Christmas was wet and grey so it was nice to be warm and dry in the house.
Some of our presents included:
My underwear with little Ranas! Too cute!
We got homemade BBQ sauce, strawberry preserves, and salsa from Chris' mom! Yummy!
Rana got some new tug toys. Check out my left wrist - it's wood burn from falling down some stairs while walking Rana on Christmas Eve. Duh!
Chris' presents for me ranged from the practical:
A teapot that has been super handy since I've coughed my throat raw.
To the luxurious!:
Emerald and sapphire earrings and a sapphire necklace. They are stunning!
Oscar did get some presents, but liked the wrapping paper more!
Rana loves her box full of toys:
Most of the toys with stuffing have already been pulverized!
While Rana liked her toys, she was not too happy with Chris' new toy:

After opening our presents we had a nice, relaxed day of doing a whole lot of nothing. It was perfect.

Chris took some time to learn harmonica basics. And I took some time to watch way too much Mad Men! I have now watched all 3 seasons!

While we liked being lazy, we were all going a little stir crazy by the late afternoon. So, Chris, Rana, and I (with a pocketful of lozenges) took a nice drive and made a quick stop at Ikei Island so Rana could have a run around.

Meals on Christmas included:

Ham sandwich on homemade sesame loaf

Ham, egg, and cheese pita toasted on the George Foreman Grill. Are you seeing a pattern? We have a lot of ham to eat!

Chris has also just been eating piles of ham. Literally, piles of ham. Nothing else, just ham.

I don't really have a way to tie this picture in. I just think Rana looks adorable perched up on Chris' recliner.

Today (Sunday) the weather finally cleared up and we took advantage of the blue skies! We picked up some sushi and headed to Zampa Point for a little picnic. When we got there we saw this guy headed to the water:

I'm not too sure about surfing in places where you need a helmet. Yikes!

Rana was quite good and while she might have looked at us longingly, she didn't full out beg.

That's probably a good thing because who could resist that face?!

She tried doing the chopsticks on her own, but her do-claw just wasn't cooperating. So, we had to help.

Rana has always been fascinated with shisa dogs. This pedestal gave her the opportunity to practice the part:

I think she makes a fantastic Shisa!

Here's the view from one of the outlooks:

Like I said, it was a gorgeous day!

Well, our sponsor Coke Zero, Chris, Rana, Oscar, and I would like to wish you all the best in 2010 and may you have:


Courtney said...

I love Rana!! So regal...and the pic of the freakin cute!
Love the decoration pics...but hope you are feeling better!! No fun to be sick when you want to celebrate. At least your abs are getting a workout from all the coughing!!
adventures in tri-ing
PS...I finally updated the blog! :>

Unknown said...

Loved the reindeer tea light holders. Sorry to hear that you've been sick. I have too. I had to go to the doctors and get some antibiotics for a bad chest infection I got after a cold. Just feeling better now. Still had a great Christmas though. The plate of cookies looked lovely. I remember the one you did when you were in England. Nice to see Oscar and of course Rana. Would rather see you and Chris in the flesh but I can keep up with the blog - next best thing.

Mary said...

Amy your house is cute! I really hope that you are feeling better soon I miss you at work! I really hope that we will be able to do something again before we leave! Your meal looked yummy! I really like those ornaments that you were telling me about they are super doper kawaii!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog thanks... Oh yeah I could go for some of that there hot chocolate!

Mary said...

*duper* for doper

Anonymous said...


Mary and Sean said...

What a cozy Xmas you had. It sounds perfect and it's probably the kind of new year's eve we'll have this year due to travel fatigue!

Hope you feel better soon!

Amy, I love madmen too!

Erin @ Big Girl Eats said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved the prime numbers comment, the OCD tendencies we have are hilarious when you actually write it down/share it!

Your adventures look amazing!! And Rana is beautifullll. I am so jealous because I really want a dog! I hope you're feeling better and you have a great New Years Eve!