Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This weekend there was a photo session with Santa put on by the rescue organization where we got Rana, OAARS. It was for donations and we love helping out the people who gave us our crazy, adorable dog. We got there a little too early for Santa so Rana got to visit with some other dogs. She was getting a little wild so we decided to walk her. When we walked around the corner there was another group taking pictures of pets with Santa. This one was a bunch of high schoolers earning money for Project Graduation. They were very friendly and what's another five bucks in the long run? Here's the picture with the high school Santa:
We all got in that shot in an attempt to keep Rana still. This Santa was very patient and they had a person with a squeaky toy near the photographer which was a great way to get Rana's attention.
The OAARS station was a little strange. I know the people must be nice because they're saving animals, but the few fundraisers we've been to have seemed a little disorganized and no one is ever overly warm and fuzzy. Check this picture out:
Even Santa looks mad!
It was a great way to spend an hour and the pictures I got of Rana looking everywhere but the camera are hilarious! Don't worry, they will probably be posted when I upload the pictures from my NEW camera! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.


Anonymous said...

That Santa looks like he wants to leave everyone coal and switches! I'm sticking with the high schooler myself b/c I'm a little afraid of the other guy and I'm sure Andrew would be too. Hope your pooch wasn't traumatized by her first experience with the fat man in the red suit.
XO Monica

Anonymous said...


Tyler Tuszynski said...


Precisely what I was going to say!

Courtney said... cute! A rubber squeaky toy is a must to get good puppy pics!
Adventures in Tri-ing

Anonymous said...

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