Thursday, December 10, 2009

What can you do in 5 minutes?

If you're like most people these days, you might find yourself a little short on time. After all, what can someone do given only 5 minutes? Here are some of the things I came up with. I can:
- empty the dishwasher
- shower if no shaving is involved
- brush my teeth - twice
- listen to my favorite song - currently "Don't Stop Believing" thanks to 'Glee'
- pack my lunch
- make a grocery list
- take the dog on her last outing before bedtime
- prepare my morning yoatmeal (yummy)
- check Facebook or email
So, you see I can get a lot done given just 300 ticks of a watch. However, nothing I do in 5 minutes is as impressive as what Chris accomplished this morning. Today Chris reached his goal of running a sub-5:00 mile. Those of you that know Chris know that he's a pretty quick runner, but he hasn't run under 5:00 in 12 years! That was his junior year of high school (yes, for all you math whizzes and smart alecks, I was completing my first of two senior years of college at that time).
He decided on our cruise that he wanted to get this goal accomplished before he hits the big three-oh in July. I'm pretty sure he was prepared to have this goal last a couple months. He was already talking about losing 10 pounds to help him get faster and he's done some speed work the last couple weeks, but today was the day!

The top number is his final time: 4:57.02! Amazing! The bottom time is the time it took him on the fourth lap - a smoking 69 seconds!
Now I run, but I don't run like Chris. I don't have his runner's build, the smooth, effortless-looking gait, or the speed, but even more than that I don't know how to put in the effort Chris does. I have felt in races that I have put in a very good effort. You know, I'm breathless and sometimes even nauseous. But when Chris comes across the finish line you know he's left it all out on the course - his breathing is slightly scary, he's red in the face, and he has this vein near his eye that likes to bulge out. He has told me that he was way worse in high school - I can't imagine that! Today all his hard work paid off.

He was so fast he's a blur! OK, really that's just me not finding the right camera mode button on the very dark track. I know it's super blurry, but I think you can still see the effort that he had just exerted.
These are from a couple minutes later when I found the right button and Chris had recovered a little:

So, that's what it looks like to be fast!Congratulations Chris!


Courtney said...

Holy sh*t!!!!! Congrats to the hubs on his awesome time. That is sooo fast. I don't think I even WANT to run that fast, it seems hard LOL!!!
adventures in tri-ing

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chris! As usual Amy your narrative was highly amusing. Thanks for sharing. You guys are great.

Anonymous said...

When is the next Olympics? Isn't Chris just about fast enough to qualify? Now that he's met his sub-5:00 goal, on to the next big goal. .
You rock, Chris!

Alison said...

Hey Amy!

I remember as a kid hating to unload the dishwasher, until my mom pointed out that it took less than 5 minutes, and I would start to "race" the clock to make sure I came in under 5 minutes.

But to run a sub-5:00 mile? WAY more impressive than unloading the dishwasher in less than 5 minutes! And I can totally relate to be 1) being motivated by your 30th birthday and 2) wanting to lose weigh to get faster!

Anonymous said...

so cool.................................................

Courtney said...

I'm not going to lie...I enjoyed your Bucs creamsicle jerseys, just not the ass beating they handed to my boys a few weeks back! I'm glad the Pack won this weekend, although my hubby is a die hard Bears fan so it was a little awkward for a while on Sunday!! LOL
adventures in tri-ing

Tyler Tuszynski said...

Chris was always on the verge of death after races in HS. I think it was because of the air quality of our homes!

Mary and Sean said...

I like keeping a list of things to do when I have 5 minutes handy too...

I dream about the day I can run that fast. I'm more like 13 minute mile.