Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dragon Boat Races

Tuesday I played hooky (you all know I'm too much of a good two shoes - I got permission) and went to the Dragon Boat Races down in Naha with my friends Liza, Jessica, Charity, Amy, and Heather and Bekah. The boats are called Hari and the races are a tradition intended to bring luck to fishermen.
At these races American and Japanese teams compete. We didn't stick around for all of the men's races, but the Air Force ladies totally kicked two male Japanese teams' butts and the Marines, Navy, and Army ladies all competed against each other. Navy won by a lot and then Army and Marines were last. I know that was a surprise. I was thinking, you're Marines, you work with boats. How can you let Army beat you? But my running friends, Astrid and Tiffany, were rowing for Army so I was glad they had a good showing.
It was an absolutely beautiful day and a perfect time to be outside and away from work. After the races we went to Pineapple Place. There was a restaurant upstairs and a gift shop downstairs with all sorts of pineapple products. I sampled many, in the name of research, and I can tell you that my favorite was the pineapple wine cake. Delicious! I also like the soft serve pineapple ice cream I got upstairs in the cafe. So refreshing on a warm day. Here are some pictures. I might have to steal some better ones from my friends, but these are good enough for now.

Liza and Amy Bekah, Heather (standing with camera), Charity (with glasses), and Jessica (in the white hat). Yes, I am aware that you can't really see their faces, but I was so focused on taking boat pictures I didn't really take people pictures! Bekah is going to be just like her mom, Heather. She's already snapping away on the camera. In the 2-3 hours we were there Heather took 1500 shots! Liza's pineapple wine cake and 5 drinks! She was thirsty!
The soba noodles were hecka long!
Me and Charity as the latest Japanese cadets.

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Charity said...

What a great day. And that picture of us in that cut out thing is funny!