Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ready to go

So, this picture is from a couple weeks ago when we worked on getting Rana used to the kayak, but with 3 cameras to keep up with sometimes pictures get temporarily misplaced. One thing we don't have to get Rana used to is riding - she loves to jump in the car or van. I think she looks adorable here with her life vest on.
Here are a few more pictures off the 3rd camera:
Sam enjoying some ribs at Easter. Sam is Chris' friend from the squadron that he bikes with. He's a super nice guy.
The next pictures are from multiple lunches with my girlfriends. The first is from Zen (an awesome restaurant with a beautiful view of the East China Sea:
The sushi, porno shisa dog, and bathroom shots are from Genki Izakaya.
The shisa dog is showing his junk and this indoor bathroom had a rock floor. I don't even want to think about how they clean it.
The final shots are from Cafe Caracalla (which, sadly, is now closed). There are pina colada pancakes (that came with coconut syrup - heaven!) and shrimp pizza. This is half of my normal lunch crew - Amy, Jessica, and Charity.
Anyone else hungry after reading this post? Have a great week everyone!

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Unknown said...

Pina Colada pancakes with syrup. They sound yummy. I could eat one (or more) right now.