Sunday, May 24, 2009

Puppy Love

Now, everybody knows I'm a sucker for a dog. We've got thousands of pictures of Rana, our old dog Christi was the flower girl in our wedding (I think I just heard Heather snort), and apparently people know that if they want me to respond to something on Facebook all they need to do is make sure they include a picture of a dog. So, imagine my delight when a sweet, adorable dog started hanging around the neighborhood. It's no surprise that I brought her inside and even less of a surprise that Rana went NUTS! with her. The stray dog is super calm and wants to just curl up in your lap. Well, Rana is not so calm and just wanted to put her big, spotted feet on the new dog. The new dog is one third Rana's size and wasn't too appreciative of Rana's playful gestures. I thought that Rana would surely calm down, but after having the dog inside for 4-5 hours Rana was still just as crazy as ever. So, despite the fact that I'm in love with this new cutey (I'm not giving her a name in the hopes of not getting more attached) I'm trying to find her a new home. Anyway, here are some pics and a video. Let me know if you know of anyone looking for a super sweet dog that is good with kids.

She went right into Rana's old kennel.

Looking wet and precious after her bath.


Heather Hansen said...

flower girl in our wedding (I think I just heard Heather snort)You heard right. SERIOUSLY?!

Did you take the dog to the vet to see if she is microchipped?

Chris and Amy said...

Taking her on Tuesday - I assumed they'd be closed for long weekend. Christi was a great flower girl. :)

Mandy said...

Amy, Amy, Amy! It is Jess and Satin - Episode 2. I can see why you would want to do it. The new doggie looks rather cute. I hope things work out ok for you when you take her to the vets tomorrow. xxx

Mary said...

Christi was the most well behaved flower girl ever and best dressed too. I would totally take that puppy if it were in the states. Good luck!

moodycate said...

A very cute puppy! We have two dogs and two cats these days... Jason has a soft spot for strays too. Hope you find her a home soon!

Katie said...

Amy! Knowing your affection for dogs,that is sooo dangerous to bring one into your home! looks like you might be adding to your family...Rana will learn to love her.