Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me Jane

Finally, I have something to blog about! I've been working so much I haven't had time for anything fun. But today was the day. This morning I met up with a group of ladies (about half of who I run with) and we headed to Forest Adventure. It was awesome!
Forest Adventure is a great ropes course for adults and kids over 140 cm (that's 55 inches for all us 'mericans). After a short safety brief and the guide watching us do the first section, we were on our own to conquer cargo nets, rope ladders, free falls, and zip lines. In situations like this in the past I've had an almost paralyzing fear of heights, but today nothing. Nada. Ok, on the free fall one I knew I couldn't hesitate or I'd never get off the platform, but besides that nothing. I don't know what switch flipped in my brain, but it felt very empowering to be able to do every challenge.
Plus, the big bonus is that all the ladies were awesome. Most of them are teachers together, I know a few from running, and one from that Extreme Fitness Challenge class I took. There were 11 ladies total and everyone was encouraging, fun, and would laugh at you if you deserved it. It was all very comfortable. A couple other ladies are also not overly fond of heights, but with the encouragement (and sometimes ridicule) of the group everyone made it through the entire course.
I was afraid of dropping my camera so I looped it through my bra strap and then tucked it in my bra when it wasn't in use. You know I am nothing if not classy! Here are some pictures and video of the adventure:
It was a gorgeous day in Okinawa. The sun was shining, but it hasn't gotten ridiculously hot yet!
This "play area" was at the end of the course.

A lot of us found the play area more intimidating than the actual zip lines.

The view from the top of one of the platforms.

All the ladies - me, Laura, Margot, Carrie, Megan, Nadine (Lacretia Rachele), Laura S., Tiffany and sitting: Astrid, Leslie, and Susan


Chris and Amy said...

Sorry that the video is so pixely. It looks great when I view it in Picasa, but when I upload it to blogspot it goes bad. Anyway, hopefully you can still get the idea.

Jessica Simmons said...

So fun! Were you glad you wore shorts? Just wondering since some of the girls are wearing shorts and some are in pants.

Charity said...

HOW fun! I can't wait to do this, too!

Chris and Amy said...

I thought shorts were fine. I also wore bike shorts underneath. Some of the ladies had some skidding landings and were probably glad they had on capris/pants.

Anonymous said...

If Andrew can grow 1 inch before we come out, then we all want to do this! How pricey is it and how far from your house is it? Love, Monica

Mandy said...

That looks like great fun. Actually much like when I took Kim to High Lodge for her birthday one year. I loved it. We should have done while you were here.

Anonymous said...

You are my new best friend, Amy...thanks for taking care of me- especially on the Tarzan bungee jump!- Susan